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Bobby Brown is beating himself up over his daughter’s death

Bobby Brown is wallowing in grief and guilt after the death of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina — but was there really anything he could have done to change her fate?

Bobbi Kristina — known as “Krissy” to her family — was laid to rest next to her famous mother, Whitney Houston, last weekend, six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her home and was placed in a medically induced coma from which she never emerged. The funeral was full of family drama, and Bobby was so distraught that he couldn’t bear to attend the interment. Now an insider says his guilt is destroying him.

Bobby has so much guilt that it is eating him up every day,’ a friend told the Daily Mail. “He told me he should have insisted Krissy get help for her drug addiction and he should have forced Nick Gordon to move out of her townhouse and leave her alone — legally, if necessary.

“Bobby says he was her father no matter what age she was and he should have fought her or anyone else who stopped her from saving her from herself,” the pal continued. “Bobby told me ‘I should have gone to court to get a judge to make Bobbi Kristina go to rehab and then become her guardian — like Britney Spears’ father did to save her.’

“Krissi was an adult but she clearly needed a dad who cared enough to tell her when she was wrong, and wouldn’t back down just because she got angry.”

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The problem with Bobby’s thought process is that the reason Jamie Spears was able to gain conservatorship over Britney was her history of spotty mental health. Bobbi Kristina had no such history, and the vast majority of her $20 million inheritance from her mother was held in a trust that she was not yet able to access.

Still, your heart can’t help but break for the man. He lost his ex-wife and he lost their daughter, and no matter what mistakes he may have made with them, that’s a heavy burden to bear.

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