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Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer faces new shocking accusations from her ex (VIDEO)

We’ve already seen Teen Mom Leah Messer’s bad behavior onscreen, but now we are getting even more accusations of shocking behavior from her first husband, Corey Simms.

In a recently released clip for the upcoming episode of the MTV reality show, Simms, 25, brings a barrage of new “bad mom” claims.

In the clip, we see a heated exchange between Messer and Simms, while the reality star’s three girls, Aleeah, Adalynn and Amber, have (almost) free rein of some nail polish and nail polish remover.

Messer had dialed up her ex to tell him that she didn’t think he should have partial custody of their children during the week because she “feels like the girls need a stable place during the week.”

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Simms responded by completely losing his cool. He replied, “You think your place is stable?”

He then unleashed his fury on his baby mama, saying, “I know for a fact that they haven’t been where they’re supposed to be. I know that they’re late for school every day. I know that Ali didn’t go to therapy today.”

Messer came back with an explanation, but Simms wasn’t having it. “There’s always an excuse,” he said. Then he really let her have it.

“You’re a fake-ass mom right now! They tell me how you say the F-word all the time. How’s that for a mother? How you and Jeremy fight so bad that they have to hide in the laundry room. And that they’re scared.”

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Messer goes on the defensive and the two begin to argue over each other, with the mother of three often saying that she doesn’t judge Simms for his parenting and that she wasn’t saying that her household was any better or different than his. But that couldn’t calm him down and Messer appears fed up with his aruging, rolling her eyes at him often.

When she begins screaming back at him, her daughters look on in shock at her raised voice.

Messer has had an embattled past and a questionable stint in rehab (MTV claimed it was for depression, while others reported it was for a pill addiction) and her troubles with her current husband have also been well-documented onscreen, too.

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