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Robin Thicke’s family isn’t celebrating his controversial engagement

*Update to this story before you read further: Robin Thicke denied reports that he’s engaged after this story was published. Please scroll down for his response/tweet.

He’s only been on the market, officially, for four months, but Robin Thicke is wasting no time in jumping back onto the marriage train.

Thicke is moving at lightning speed with his new girlfriend April Love Geary. According to Life & Style Weekly, the couple, who has only been together for 10 months, is officially engaged.

An insider said, “Robin recently proposed to April and she said yes. He doesn’t want to risk losing her.” The question is, though, is this healthy for either of them?

The most shocking thing about the new relationship isn’t even their wicked fast engagement. What is most controversial about it is their age difference, and probably most troubling is Thicke’s seemingly obsessive behavior toward his new love interest. In addition to that, Thicke’s parents are allegedly not very happy about the new development, either.

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“Robin’s moving really quickly with the relationship. Both his parents have told him to take some time and not to rush into marriage again so soon.”

The “Blurred Lines” hit maker clearly isn’t listening.

The insider said, “They go almost everywhere together. He’s totally obsessed with her.”

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The couple has only been dating since October and there is an 18-year difference in age. Geary is only 20 years old. Thick is coming off a nine-year marriage and high-profile divorce from actress Paula Patton.

UPDATE, Aug. 6, 2015: Nope, he’s not engaged. Thicke tweeted this out:
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