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Face Off celebrates 100th episode with zombie weddings (PHOTOS)

Flanked by death with their feet planted in a mortuary, the 14 Face Off contestants were thrilled to learn they had made it to the show’s centennial episode.

Working in pairs, each Face Off team chose a real-life engaged couple with the task of transforming the lovebirds into a whimsical — and macabre — bride and groom. Then, in full makeup, the engaged undead would wed on the reveal stage with McKenzie Westmore (yes, she’s really an ordained minister) presiding.

Wow! Talk about pressure!

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Finished looks in the middle of the pack

These are the teams that were classified as “safe” by the judges.

Libby and Brittany

Their engaged couple is big into nature in their personal lives. Can you see the theme here?

Libby and Brittany's finished makeups

Libby and Brittany's finished makeups

Kevon and Evan

Their motivation was to create an angelic female who is the light in a demon’s life.

Kevon and Evan's finished makeups

Kevon and Evan's finished makeups

Scott and Stevie

Since their couple got engaged on Christmas, Scott and Stevie transformed them into frightful, frozen carolers.

Scott and Stevie's finished makeups

Scott and Stevie's finished makeups

Best of the best

The following makeups were labeled as the “top looks” of the challenge.

Ben and Jasmine

Ben and Jasmine showcased their couple’s love of cats for this feline-inspired makeup. The judges especially loved the male character’s horns. “This is exactly what whimsy means,” judge Glenn Hetrick said. “Yarn horns? C’mon! What can be more whimsical?”

Jasmine and Ben's finished makeup

Judge Ve Neill was more enthralled with the female’s facial paint job, which is why Jasmine was named the overall challenge champ. “To hear my name right now on the 100th episode is literally breathtaking. I’m so happy.”

Jasmine and Ben alongside their finished makeups

Jasmine and Ben's finished makeups

Ricky and Jordan

This was my personal favorite because the colorful, glowing characters looked as if they could sit among the ghouls in the infamous waiting room scene from Beetlejuice. Ricky and Jordan really nailed this one by turning their gaming-loving couple into zombies who died in a swimming pool electrocution accident. Ve compared the finished makeups to “pop-art zombies.”

Ricky and Jordan's finished makeups

Ricky and Jordan alongside their finished makeups

Ricky and Jordan's finished makeups

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At risk for elimination

The following makeups were labeled as the “bottom looks” of the challenge.

Jason and Missy

Prior to the judges weighing in, Jason and Missy thought their finished makeups were going to be ranked among the best that week, but that didn’t end up being the case. “The paint job just killed you guys,” Ve said. There was also some concern that the male’s broken neck gag looked more like he was suffering from a disability.

Jason and Missy's finished makeups

Jason and Missy's finished makeups

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Meg and Nora

With a gay couple as their canvas, Meg and Nora based their characters on a cartoony suicide theme — and the judges weren’t pleased at all. “The idea of this living painting is too subtle to help carry the whimsy. And the female character was poorly executed drag makeup,” judge Neville Page said. Ve doubted that they even knew what the definition of “whimsical” truly is.

Meg and Nora's finished makeups

Nora and Meg alongside their finished makeups

Nora and Meg's finished makeups

Images: SyFy

Who was sent packing? Drumroll, please… nobody! Instead of killing the mood with an elimination, the creepy couples exchanged their vile vows before everybody gobbled up cake and tossed a few back in honor of Face Off’s 100th episode. All we were left with was a “To be continued…”

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Face Off slideshow

Of the bottom looks, who do you think should be eliminated? Are you happy the judges picked Jasmine as the challenge winner?

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