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5 Things Chris Hyndman should be remembered for

Tributes have been pouring in for Chris Hyndman, who was found dead in a Toronto alleyway — not far from the house he shared with co-host and long-time partner, Steven Sabados — on Monday. He was aged 49.

Hyndman was a talented and well-liked person who will be sorely missed by many. In the wake of his death, we examine his legacy and some of the wonderful things he should be remembered for.

1. The Steven and Chris show

One of the obvious things Hyndman will be remembered for is his CBC lifestyle show Steven and Chris, but the reason his show is so special is that it’s not only a daily lifestyle talk show but also a documentation of the love he and his partner of 25 years shared for each other.

2. His design work

In 1992, Hyndman and Sabados founded event planning group The Sabados Group and went on to star in several hit TV shows, including Design Rivals, Designer Guys and So Chic with Steven and Chris. The talented husband-and-husband duo also launched their own line of decorative accessories, textiles and furniture in 2007.

3. He touched the lives of many people

There has been a tremendous reaction to Hyndman’s death, with countless people taking to Twitter to pay tribute to him, making it very obvious that he’d touched a lot of lives.

4. He was a role model

According to The Star, during an Xtra interview, Hyndman revealed the struggles he faced when he was a gay teenager — and by doing so, he may have provided solace to those in similar situations.

“When I was a little kid living in St John’s, Newfoundland, suicide was on my mind a lot because I had nowhere to go when I was 12, 13, 14, to talk about it,” he revealed. “There was no Will & Grace. The ones that were role models for us were caricatures of being gay. That wasn’t really what you really wanted to represent yourself. I ended up being one, but I didn’t necessarily want to be at the time.”

5. He was an animal lover

Steven and Chris’ Instagram page is filled with photos of them and animals, from horses to Great Danes.

Our thoughts go out to Chris Hyndman’s friends and family during this sad time.

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