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Ed Westwick’s lackluster comments on Gossip Girl costars are disappointing

Poor Ed Westwick just can’t escape the questions about his Gossip Girl past.

While promoting his new television show Wicked City, which premieres this fall on ABC, Westwick was instead hit with questions about his CW hit Gossip Girl.

And though Westwick graciously answered the questions, he also seemed more than ready to move on, not going into much detail on any account.

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At the TCA Summer Press Tour, Westwick told E! Online that he “texted Blake when she had her baby and congratulated her,” but he also added that he hadn’t met Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s new bundle of joy yet. “I look forward to the day when I finally get to say hello.”

It’s a nice answer, but also seems to be a very proper one.

Westwick also had a similar response when asked about Leighton Meester, who is pregnant with her first baby with Adam Brody. “I haven’t seen her lately, but I’m sure she’s doing absolutely fine. She’s a great girl.”

In other words, he’s got a different life now, and so does she.

But, of course, Gossip Girl will live in infamy inside every 20-something’s teenage heart. And while Westwick might be ready to let it go to move on with his career, we’re all still holding on to the epicness that was. And, sorry, but Westwick will always be Chuck Bass in my mind.

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Which is exactly why I’ll be tuning in to Wicked City, which sounds much more dark than his CW days. Westwick will play a serial killer who made LA’s Sunset Strip his hunting ground back in the ’80s.

“I had nightmares shooting the pilot,” Westwick said. “That was traumatizing. It was very, very dark. That stayed with me. There were some evenings during the shoot where I would go home and wasn’t able to fully let go of stuff. That crept into my dreams when I slept.”

Uh, creepy.

Will you tune in to Westwick’s new show Wicked City?

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