According to Hollywood, only the male heroes always save the day

On Tuesday, the hashtag #ActionMoviesTaughtUs started trending, and it cleverly highlighted the double standards that still exist within Hollywood. While most movie genres do have certain lessons to teach, action movies in particular tend to be sexist.

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They are all about explosions, fights and heroism, but you can probably count the number of times a woman saved the day in an action movie on one hand, whereas you’ve probably lost track of how many times a female character has walked away from a fight scene without a hair out of place.

Fighting in heels and tight clothing? That’s no problem for female superheroes either, although the rest of us would have a tough time pulling that off. So when the hashtag began trending, many women — and men — decided to slam action movies for their double standards and portrayal of women. See the best reactions below.

Twitter users pointed out that the woman can never save the day and instead has to play the role of the damsel in distress.

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Nor can the female character ever do anything without wearing heels.

And what about the merchandise? Nope, female superheroes obviously don’t sell that well.

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There’s also a very limited type of female superhero, and she clearly has to fit into a certain mould.

It’s about time Hollywood changed its perception of women and we got some new, kick-ass, diverse female superheroes and characters, in not just action films, but across all genres.

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