Pierce Brosnan red-faced after trying to board flight with a 10-inch knife

Aug 5, 2015 at 8:29 a.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

Trying to take a large knife onto a plane isn't big or clever — even if you are 007, as Pierce Brosnan learnt when he tried to board a U.S. flight.

The Irish actor was stopped by security officials at Burlington International Airport in Vermont because he was trying to board his flight carrying a 10-inch hunting knife, reported the BBC.

The former James Bond star, 62, was said to be "embarrassed and angry" when Transportation Security Administration agents removed the knife from his hand luggage.

However the local police department said the issue was resolved and Brosnan was allowed to board the plane.

TSA rules state that sharp objects such as knives, box cutters and scissors longer than 4 inches must be stored in checked baggage. If you're travelling within the EU the rules are a little different but basically anything that can harm or injure another person is a no-go.

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Unsurprisingly guns, detonators, mines, grenades, dynamite, flares and corkscrews are off limits. So are drills, saws, baseball bats and clubs.

If you want to take electrical medical equipment, hypodermic syringes, inhalers and essential liquid medicines you need to have a letter from your doctor.

General liquid restrictions are pretty strict: water must be in a 100 millilitre bottle and any other liquids you might want to carry on board — including contact lens solution, suntan lotion, sprays, shaving foam, shower gel and toothpaste — also have to be in 100 millilitre containers. In addition everything must fit into a 20 by 20 centimetre plastic bag, which isn’t very big.

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Baby food and milk are permitted in larger quantities but only for use during the flight and you may have to "prove its authenticity." You can take duty-free items purchased at the airport as hand luggage, as long as you have the receipt inside the sealed bag.

You are allowed to have spoons, small scissors, tweezers, disposable razors, nail clippers, knitting needles and umbrellas in your hand luggage.

These rules are well worth remembering to avoid delays (and red faces) during the check in and boarding process.

Now back to the question we all want to know the answer to: what was Pierce Brosnan doing with a 10-inch hunting knife?

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