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Dance Moms: Why is Abby Lee Miller snubbing Nia?

It’s no secret that Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller has her favorite dancers, and she has even been accused of manipulating routines so certain girls would win competitions. But this week, Miller took things a little too far when Nia outperformed all of the other girls, only to earn a snub from her coach.

Nia has never been Abby’s favorite

We all know how much Abby Lee Miller loves Maddie on Dance Moms, but sometimes we wonder if she even realizes that there are other talented girls there. Despite Nia being a part of ALDC for many years, Abby always manages to find something about Nia to complain about, no matter how well she does. Of course, we love the fact that on almost every single episode, Holly (Nia’s mom) can be seen complaining to the cameras, as well as the other moms, about Abby’s treatment of Nia. Come on, if that was my child, I don’t think I would be as gracious as Holly has been to Abby.

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dance moms aldc team

It’s her way or the highway

Special treatment? No, not at ALDC. We’re kidding, folks. It’s actually quite sad to watch the favoritism play out each week at the hands of Abby Lee Miller. Last week, we were watching Abby set up Kendall for failure, and this week she did the same with Nia’s routine. But hey, Holly should be thankful that her daughter got a solo, right? What’s even more infuriating is the fact that Abby refused to allow Nia to perform in the group routine, all because she had a video shoot. Hmm, if I recall correctly, one of the other girls got to perform a group routine in the past even though she left to do something with Nickelodeon.

Could it be jealousy?

As if excluding Nia from the group routine on Dance Moms wasn’t bad enough, Abby refuses to even acknowledge any of Nia’s accomplishments. For instance, when proud momma Holly wanted to share Nia’s song with Abby, Abby wanted no part of it. “This is not the time or place for that,” Miller responded, with a look of annoyance on her face, which leads us to believe that perhaps Abby is a tad bit jealous over Nia’s soaring music career.

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Adding insult to injury

Let me be the first to say kudos to Nia for rocking her solo performance this week — and even earning the first place trophy. If only Abby was that proud of her girl. Nope. And as if grabbing Kalani for a hug and congrats before even acknowledging Nia wasn’t enough to kill the poor girl’s spirits, Miller snubbed Nia in front of the rival group performing. Talk about a slap in the face. Honestly, I am still shaking my head wondering why Holly hasn’t taken her daughter out of there yet — for good.

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What do you think about Abby Lee Miller’s treatment of Nia on Dance Moms? Do you think she is jealous of Nia’s success without her? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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