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Lenny Kravitz assaults fans’ eyes with mortifying wardrobe malfunction

Lenny Kravitz may have had one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions ever last night, but he sure handled it like a pro.

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The singer gave concertgoers way more than they paid for when his pants split onstage, revealing his manhood in all its glory. And none of the attendees seem to be complaining. In fact, it seems to have only earned the rocker more respect.

It all happened when Kravitz dropped down to the ground while performing in Stockholm, according to E! Online. The move was unfortunately too much for his super-tight leather pants, which ripped in just the right place so that his penis popped out. Clearly, the pants were also too tight for underwear.

Some of the concertgoers even captured a photo of the incident. It’s definitely NSFW, but if you really want to, you can see the picture over on Twitter.

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But we’ve got the blurry vision for you too.

Kravitz really didn’t seem fazed by the whole exposed moment, either. After all, these things do happen.

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He handled the incident like a pro. According to those who witnessed the pants-splitting event, the singer quickly covered his crotch and walked toward the back of the stage, no doubt to fix the problem. He then changed into some un-ripped pants and carried on with the show.

Kravitz didn’t comment on the incident, but did thank Stockholm for hosting him.

Now that’s rocking out with your you-know-what out. Just sayin’.

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