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2015 Teen Choice Awards: Can you guess the age of this year’s nominees? (QUIZ)

The bright-eyed, fresh-faced nominees at the Teen Choice Awards typically have us feeling old. Representing the favorites of the teenybopper generation, nominees are usually the young crowd of starlets who play the most popular teen characters.

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Some teen stars actually look like teenagers — and some definitely do not. Done up in full makeup and hair with short dresses and heels on, some of these ladies look like full-grown adults. It’s already shocking to see young girls dressed that way at an awards show for teens, but just wait until you find out how young they are themselves!

On the other hand, some of these “teen” stars are actually well past their teen years, but just have the baby face that lets them play these young characters. It’s a mystery if their fans know that their fave TV high school student is actually a mature woman.

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Whether a blossoming celeb is trying to or not, some just do not look their age. Take the quiz below to see if you can tell how old these budding beauties really are.

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