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Why Lindsay Lohan posted a topless Instagram pic (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan has a funny way of saying thank you.

The actress has been spending her summer in Greece, and stripped down to only her underwear to say thank you to her friends at her golden villa in Cavo Tagoo.

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It seems like maybe the photo was aiming at showing off her hotel room. But with Lohan front and center in just her panties, it’s hard to notice anything else. She was even topless, with her arms strategically placed holding the camera so as to cover her breasts.
And though her body is rockin’, fans were unimpressed.

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And the comments were unkind, to say the least. Some of the least offensive comments included, “a saggy mess at 29,” and “At least she found a place to fit in. Mykonos is the best place in the world for people with no real life!”

I think we can all agree that the thank you was just a clever ploy for Lohan to show off her body.

Getting naked isn’t the only trouble Lohan has been getting into while she’s been traveling. According to Life & Style, Lohan invited 10 guys out to dinner and then opted out of paying the $1,300 bill. The restaurant then proceeded to track her down and three days later, Lohan’s friend ended up covering the bill. Uh, that gesture should have warranted a much more sincere thank you than a topless photo.

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Lohan was also reportedly spotted drinking again, which doesn’t bode well for the starlet who has struggled with sobriety.

What do you think of Lohan’s topless Instagram: Hot or not?

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