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Alexander Skarsgård mysteriously dresses up in drag for red carpet (PHOTOS)

Alexander Skarsgård surprised fans by dressing in full-on drag for the movie premiere of Diary of a Teenage Girl.

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The actor showed up to the red carpet wearing a voluminous ’70s-inspired blond wig, a golden sparkling gown and Hedwig-esque makeup. He even complemented the golden gown by adding some bronze shimmer to his own skin.

The comparisons to Farah Fawcett have already begun, and we definitely see the resemblance!

It’s unclear what inspired Skarsgård to dress in drag for the event. Maybe he was just feeling it? But it couldn’t come at a more timely moment as gender norms are challenged throughout the country, thanks to LGBT acceptance and prominent trans discussions coming from Caitlyn Jenner.

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And while this is the first time Skarsgård has dressed in drag for a public event, he has very openly taken on a variety of roles throughout his career that challenge gender norms. In the 2006 film Kill Your Darlings, Skarsgård played a suicidal trans woman named Geert.

Though his character in Diary of a Teenager Girl doesn’t dress in drag. He plays the boyfriend of the “teenage girl’s” mom, who, is played by Kristen Wiig.

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So far, Skarsgård hasn’t commented on his decision to dress in drag, not that he needs to justify the decision. Fashion is fashion, and people should feel free to rock whatever look they want. Girls can wear whatever they want, so why can’t a guy wear a dress?

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard’s drag look was meant to make a statement or was he just feeling it for the evening?

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