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Bachelor in Paradise premiere proved Mikey doesn’t understand the word ‘no’

On the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, we watched as Mikey Tenerelli frolicked around the ocean with Lauren, admitting he felt an instant connection. But that feeling was short-lived when another beautiful lady showed up last night, and Mikey would not take no for an answer from her.

Clare Crawley joins Bachelor in Paradise cast

Image: ABC

A quick switch

On the season opener of Bachelor in Paradise, no one was happier to see Ashley Iaconetti joined by her sister Lauren than Mikey Tenerelli, who almost immediately swept Lauren off her feet and into the ocean for some fun. Although the duo joked about their age gap, Mikey admitted that he was having a tough time controlling himself around Lauren. But that infatuation came to an abrupt halt last night when Clare Crawley stepped foot into paradise — with a date card to boot!

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Mikey knows what he wants

With her date card in hand, and the fact that every guy she had her eyes on was pretty much taken, Clare was not thrilled with the thought of taking Mikey on a date. “I’m not typically attracted to beef-hards like Mikey,” Clare admitted. After an intense discussion with a crab on the beach (yes, folks, she has gone from raccoons to crabs), Clare didn’t even have a chance to make a decision because Mikey made it for her. “I’d love to go on a date with you,” Mikey told Clare before she could even speak. Looking less than enthused, Clare agreed while Mikey admitted that he’s always had a “schoolboy crush” on her.

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Bachelor in Paradise's Mikey and Clare yoga date

Image: ABC

Tantric yoga gone very, very wrong

After learning she would be doing tantric yoga with Mikey, Clare was understandably concerned. “I hope I don’t have to rub privys with Mikey,” she told the cameras. But Mikey, on the hand, was thrilled to enjoy every sweaty moment with Clare. “It was a turn on, it was steamy. I felt everything. Everything feels good on Clare,” Mikey said with a big ole grin — too bad Clare didn’t feel the same way. During a swim after the yoga session, Clare really did her best to explain to Mikey that she is just not that into him. Oblivious to anything she was saying, Mikey told her he wanted to kiss her. Funniest moment of the night was definitely watching Clare push Mikey away from trying to smooch her.

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Clare explains she is not into Mikey on Bachelor in Paradise

Image: ABC

Will Mikey ever get it?

Later on in the evening, Clare met up with Jared, who she was interested in from the get-go. The two had a good conversation, where Clare let Jared know she may get a rose from Mikey, but she admitted she had zero interest in him. Jared then promised Clare that if Mikey didn’t give her a rose, he definitely would. Much to Clare’s dismay, Mikey was still clueless to the fact that she had no interest in him, and he ended up giving her a rose, which led Jared to give his to Ashley I. Of course, this left us all wondering how much longer Mikey will try to pursue Clare, or if he will move on to his next victim next week.

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