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Miley Cyrus slammed as an ‘idiot’ for always having her tongue out (PHOTO)

Ever since Miley Cyrus ditched her squeaky clean Disney star image, she’s been getting a lot of criticism from former fans, and comments on her new picture are particularly hurtful.

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The “Wrecking Ball” hit maker has been slammed for everything from her sexuality to her new look. But the one thing that’s bugging people the most is her infamous tongue.

Cyrus took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to share a picture of herself rocking high-waisted black shorts and knee-high black boots while sitting on a railing. And, of course, she has her tongue sticking out — which has made the backlash swift and fast.
It’s only been two hours since Cyrus posted the pic and already there are multiple comments about her tongue, including, “I wonder if she knows how stupid she looks every time she takes a selfie with her tongue out,” “Just Shut your mouth,” “Always got her tongue out does she no she looks like a idiot [sic],” and “I want to cut your tongue.”

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Of course, that’s not the only backlash the pop star has received, and she’s become the latest victim of online bullying as fans and critics tell her that she’s “disgusting” and that they miss the old Miley — it’s been a good few years, though, people. That “old Miley” is not coming back.

“Ew! What ever [sic] happened to the old Miley!” one fan wrote. Others agreed, writing, “I miss The [sic] old miley,” “I don’t like u anymore but dat outfit is cute,” and “I really really miss your long beautiful brown wavy hair.”

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Do you agree with Miley Cyrus’ critics? Is it time for her to put her tongue away? Or should everyone just leave her to do what she wants?

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