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Caitlyn Jenner’s new comments about dating have fans questioning her motives

This year, Caitlyn Jenner bravely became the poster girl for the transgender community when she decided to transition in the public eye. She’s been the subject of scrutiny along the way, and the latest clip from the reality TV star’s show, I Am Cait, has even left supporters criticizing her.

In the clip, Jenner explores dating issues and is shown lounging by the pool in a white bathing suit. While these kinds of things certainly are nothing new in the world of reality television, some Jenner fans feel she is playing up the superficial aspects in her life when there are more important issues at hand.

“I am so over this… if Catylin [sic] was so into the supporting the transgender community then donate all the money from that show to them,” wrote one commenter on TooFab. “It is incredibly disingenuous to live in a Malibu mansion, order a new custom $500K lambo prance around in your little outfits with those ridiculous housewives of beverly hills lips and talk the talk of support.”

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Another fan pointed out that there are actually people in Jenner’s personal life who have the same worry that Jenner may be focusing too much on the superficial.

“I tried to watch the show last night but found it really boring,” the fan wrote. “I did like the part where one of her new ‘Trans’ friends said (behind her back) that Cait needs to learn that being a trans woman is a whole lot more than then just make-up, hair and fingernails. She was turned-off [sic] by Cait’s obvious preoccupation with her looks. I wish someone would tell the Kardashian women that!!”

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Another negative aspect of the perception that Jenner is spending too much time and effort on her appearance and material objects: It gives haters fodder for the “she’s doing it for money” argument. It’s ridiculous to think Jenner would go through such dramatic changes in her life in the public eye purely in the interest of money, but that’s precisely what many haters are continuing to propose.

Fans were also put off by the segment in the clip in which Jenner cries because she is worried about her family being proud of her.

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“Maybe Jenner should resume her role as a parent and stop trying to be the show girl [sic] for the transgender community,” wrote one YouTuber.

Whether or not Jenner is focusing on “superficial” things at this point in her transition, it’s important to remember that she is still getting to know herself and where she fits in the world, and that may take a little time.

Watch the clip below.

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