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Kim Kardashian sparks more Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumors with one image

Kim Kardashian has a way of stirring the pot and sending the internet into raging discussion.

A few of her most recent posts were no different. On Sunday, Kardashian posted a side-by-side photo showing half of her face and half of Kylie Jenner’s beautiful visage.

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It is no secret that the youngest Jenner has often been said to look uncannily like big sis Kim, but seeing this photo, it’s almost hard to tell who is who! Have they both perfected the squinching selfie technique so well they appear even more similar? Or, as many are quick to speculate, do they have the same plastic surgeon?

Kylie, the recent high school grad, has several times come under fire from Kardashian for either wanting to be like her or at the very least look like her, and here is the absolute proof. Some people thought both photos were Kim with different makeup (we’ve all seen those before and after photos where the person looks completely different, so it’s not impossible).

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But overwhelmingly, people are exclaiming that one, the other or both must have had surgery to look this way. There is no question they both look stunning, but is Kim trying to throw a little shade her little sister’s way?

Is Kim trolling Kylie? What do you think about the plastic surgery allegations after seeing this pic?

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