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10 Ways Wet Hot American Summer wove in a girl-power theme for the new season

Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer was even funnier than anticipated, but the real shocker is just how hilariously awesome and in charge the ladies of Camp Firewood were.

The first day at Camp Firewood was insane. Between the hookups, the green sludge, the government conspiracy, the big musical, the discovery of a shaggy-haired rock god played by Chris Pine and the diaphragm-swapping, it was a long day for the campers. It was an amazing day for the women of Camp Firewood, though, as they took on the government, were super sex-positive and generally just stole the show.

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It helps that the cast is stocked with the likes of Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo and Molly Shannon. Those ladies don’t mess around. Even by their standards, this was a girl-power filled first season of Netflix’s most bizarrely cool comedy. Let’s count down the Camp Firewood women’s best moments from Season 1, because they all deserve to have their awesomeness appreciated.

1. Nurse Nancy’s diaphragm generosity

Major props to Nurse Nancy’s sex positivity. Need birth control? She’ll hand over her very own diaphragm if you are in a pinch. Granted, sanitation is a concern, but I like where her head is at.

2. Beth becomes camp director

After taking down the government with a little help from Greg and ace lawyer Jim Stansel, Beth was bestowed with her rightful honor of Camp Director. Her beau-turned-can of beans knew that anyone who would fight as hard as Beth did to keep Camp Firewood open deserved to run the show.

3. Amy friend-zones two potential boyfriends

As one of the few actual young people on the show, Amy was caught in a tug-of-war between two boys. Wisely, she decided she wasn’t all that into either of them and friend-zoned them both before they could ruin her summer with icky boy stuff.

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4. Lindsay is an undercover reporter who saves a reclusive rock god

Rock and roll journalist Lindsay embedded herself in the camp and made the discovery of a lifetime when she found a reclusive rock god living in an abandoned cabin. Her passion for her work and his music was revitalizing for the both of them. By the end, she embraced her true identity and the campers embraced her right back.

5. Susie finds her inner musical director

Under the tutelage of Claude Dumet, Susie totally found her voice as a director. She was already a powerhouse, but she was completely confident in her theater prowess by the time he left. As an added bonus, she shot Claude down when he asked her to go to New York City with him, proving that just because you sleep with a guy doesn’t mean you have to run away with him — especially since the camp theater is her domain now.

6. Gail does her research

When Gail’s fiancé Gene started exhibiting weird behavior, she looked into his past and discovered he was actually an elite military man with repressed memories. While she went on to make some questionable decisions by marrying one guy and becoming engaged to two in the same day, at least she did the legwork on the first one.

7. Courtney oyster-forked Victor

Hey, just because Courtney is from the fancy-pants Camp Tiger Claw doesn’t mean she can’t rumble with the best of them. While defending her camp’s honor, she totally jabbed Victor with an oyster fork and then licked the blood of her enemy. (She was going to eat oysters later, so makes sense.)

8. Abby becomes a woman

Becoming a woman is a lifetime process for most of us, but Abby entered a bathroom stall a child and emerged a fully grown woman. If that’s not serious girl power, I don’t know what is.

9. Katie nabs the lead in Electro City

Katie’s ritzy boyfriend didn’t approve of her attending Camp Firewood, but she embraced her first day by trying out for and nabbing the lead in the musical. She also temporarily reformed bad-boy Andy — she gets bonus points for the effort.

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10. Rhonda lets Victor down easy

The infinitely cool older woman Rhonda was ready for a night of fun with Victor, but when she found out he was a virgin, she didn’t flip. Instead, she gave the guy good advice about waiting, didn’t embarrass him and even gave him the OK to tell the campers he made it with her. Her confidence and attitude definitely puts her in the girl-power elite.

What do you think? Did you love this classic reboot? Tell us your favorite moments in the comments below.

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