Chelsea Handler outs her ex-boyfriend's horrible behavior (PHOTO)

Aug 3, 2015 at 1:06 p.m. ET
Image: Bridow/

Chelsea Handler is killing it with her sexy body and rubbing it in her ex's face in the process.

Handler took to Instagram to share a disappointing tidbit of information about one of her past relationships.

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"You know, I had a boyfriend who told me my boobs were too big, and that I was fat," Handler captioned her most recent Instagram pic. The photo shows her amazing bikini body, including some serious abs. "And then, I looked in the mirror," the caption concludes.


As she should!

We all aspire to look as good as Handler, and she shows off her body in a way that is so natural, it's liberating. You should also take note of the fact that she's makeup-free and flawless in the above photo as well.

Whoever that ex-boyfriend is, we hope he's kicking himself for letting a lady like Handler go. Not just because she's got a smokin' bod, but because she's confident enough in herself to recognize it and love her body, a feat many women, unfortunately, struggle with.

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Of course, a man who would ever say that to a woman not only doesn't deserve Handler, he doesn't deserve anyone. No one should have to suffer through any putdowns even remotely that harsh.

So Handler had the good sense to ditch the dude and flaunt her sexy body every chance she gets.


In fact, most of her Instagram photos show the comedian in some form of toplessness or complete nakedness.

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Because... why not? Oh, and #freethenipple.