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Drew Barrymore is ditching Hollywood for the best reason possible

Drew Barrymore recently admitted in a new interview that she’s been turning down a lot of movie roles lately. And though we’re sad not to see the Golden Globe-nominated actress in anything new, her reasons are spot-on.

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“I love movies but the hours right now for where my kids are in their life, it’s few and far between that I’ll work,” Barrymore told E! Online while promoting her Flower company’s new eyewear line.

Barrymore has two daughters, Olive, 2, and Frankie, 15 months, with her husband, Will Kopelman.

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Rather than movies, Barrymore has instead been focusing her attention on fashion.

“Flower has changed my life because it lets me be a mom the way I want to be and I still get to do something meaningful and think about girls and women and empowering messages.”

Plus, Barrymore added that her company keeps her extremely busy, without the added stress of being on set.

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“Flower beauty is a full-time job. We do a lot of traveling for it. I do a lot of press. I go to labs all over the country, truly seeking out the most innovative things.”

Her new eyewear line will be sold exclusively at Walmart.

“The best place for eyewear inspiration is flea markets and then also department stores and then hybriding the two, seeing what’s current and important to people right now and cutting edge and then bringing that vintage feel to it because everything is always repeating itself,” Barrymore explained. “Everybody is always pulling from yesteryear.”

Do you think Drew Barrymore’s path away from movies is permanent or just temporary until her daughters get older?

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