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I Am Cait: Does Caitlyn Jenner have a girlfriend?

I Am Cait premiered last week, and we all got our first look into Caitlyn Jenner’s compelling journey as a trans woman. But has Caitlyn already found love? This week, she was sure crushing hard on one lady in particular.

Caitlyn Jenner shares her views with her new friends

Image: E! Entertainment

Are the rumors true?

Shortly after Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender, rumors have been claiming that the former Olympian was secretly dating Candis Cayne, who is also a trans woman. Well, tonight on I Am Cait, Caitlyn was certainly crushing hard on Candis and couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of her while hanging out with a bunch of transgender gals. Now, Candis is definitely a good-looking lady, so it certainly wouldn’t surprise us in the least if Caitlyn has already hooked up with her.

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Trying not to blush

Seriously, folks, it wasn’t just the Maybelline that was keeping Caitlyn’s cheeks rosy. While helping Caitlyn pack for an impromptu road trip with her new transgender friends, Caitlyn’s BFF Ronda tells her, “You need a sexy outfit for Candis.” Intrigued by this, Ronda’s daughter asks Caitlyn who Candis is, to which Caitlyn responds (with a huge smile and a whole lot of blushing), “We’re not going there. She’s a girl who is going on the trip with us.”

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Caitlyn Jenner toasts with her friends

Image: E! Entertainment

Finally, an admission… sort of

“Do you find her attractive?” Ronda asks playfully. Caitlyn, blushing once again, admits that Candis is beautiful. But is there romance in their future? Caitlyn tells the camera that her friends refuse to give up on the subject, and while she does find Candis to be very attractive, she is not so sure about dating yet. “I have absolutely no idea,” Caitlyn told the cameras about the future of her love life. Hey, is anyone else wondering what Kris Jenner is thinking right now?

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Caitlyn Jenner chats with friends on I am Cait

Image: E! Entertainment

Not that comfortable yet

Despite what seemed like a massive crush on Candis and the fact that Caitlyn was having a lot of fun with her, there was one thing that Caitlyn was not willing to share with Candis (or anyone else). What was it? Herself in a bathing suit! While all of the ladies were busy hanging out in the hot tub, Caitlyn was reluctant to put on a swimsuit for all to see. Ah, in time, Caitlyn, in time.

But while we wait to see how this relationship progresses on I Am Cait, the Web is continuing to buzz with rumors that Caitlyn and Candis are dating. Perhaps they will share a kiss next week? We’ll be anxiously waiting to find out!

Will you be tuning in next week to see what happens next between Caitlyn and Candis?

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