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Hank Baskett ‘confronts’ transgender model who assaulted him (VIDEOS)

Hank Baskett begins the healing process and makes forward progress in mending his marriage to former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson in the upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

In the sneak peek revealed by People magazine, Baskett can be seen going through a very uncomfortable therapy exercise with counselor Jim Carroll — an exercise in which Carroll can be seen rubbing Baskett’s shoulders and talking to him in a manner in which his assaulter might speak to him.

“You’re such a handsome guy. I’ll keep my mouth shut if you give me $5,000. Nobody will know what we did,” Carroll says during the exercise. All the while, we get cuts back to Kendra looking on in disbelief and shock at what is happening before her.

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The session is dealing with the pain inflicted on Baskett when, back in 2014, it came out that the former basketballer had an affair while his reality star wife was 8 months pregnant. In reality, what happened was that Baskett was touched, without consent, by a transgender model.

We hear from Carroll’s wife, also a counselor on the show, “The Forgiveness Exercise is designed to release you from the emotional trauma inflicted by a person or event from your past.”

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We can see a visibly uncomfortable Hank finally saying he forgives his victimizer, and he ultimately frees himself from the shame and emotional trauma she inflicted on both him and his family.

In the follow-up clip, we see Kendra’s emotionally charged and difficult response to the exercise. It appears she is having a difficult time forgiving her husband for the whole ordeal.

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