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Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston murder accusations heat up

The feud between the Browns and the Houstons is getting even more heated today after one of Bobbi’s aunts accused another of some nefarious deeds — and what she has to say is shocking.

Leolah Brown made the damning accusations against the Houston family on her private Facebook page, accessed by Radar Online, and her anger is palpable.

First she dropped a huge bombshell: Not only does she believe there was foul play in the events leading up to Bobbi Kristina’s death, but she also believes Whitney’s death was no accident.

“Whitney was murdered and now my niece Bobby [sic] Kristina!” Leolah alleged, without naming any names.

Of course, it’s no secret who the Houstons think had a hand in Bobbi’s death. The person in charge of Bobbi’s trust — the estate left to her by Whitney — has brought a major lawsuit against her partner, Nick Gordon, accusing him of physically and emotionally abusing her and fraudulently accessing her bank accounts, and stating he beat her and left her in the bathtub where she was later found unconscious.

Leolah didn’t stop with that one shocking statement, though. She then went off on Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and Bobbi’s guardian.

“You notice, no matter what I say, Pat never says anything following, to at least defend herself?” she wrote. “Just think about it. Use your God-given brains. If, what I was saying was untrue or just talking for no reason at all (which anyone that knows me — knows that my character is just simply not that), why would she not defend herself if I am wrong? But, I am saying this for people who are curious as to why there is no talk back from Ms. Pat regarding my statements made about her. I will tell you. Because SHE CANNOT talk back to truth. She has no leg to stand on.

“I know her upbringing and how she was raised — trust me. Whitney and I spoke on this on many occasions — so don’t let her fool you. Although she is being quiet, she is indeed heated right now! Because her world is tumbling down!”

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“You know that saying, silence is a virtue? Well in her case it is very wise for her not to say anything because, she not only knows that I AM SPEAKING TRUTH — but she is aware that her day has come!” Leolah continued. “And not only that! The truth is being exposed by a BROWN! And she would have never thought in a million years it would come like this. She is actually in shock right now:) because a Brown is usually silent.”

“See, I am that Brown that she hates with a passion! Why? Because I will fight and die for mine!” Leolah claimed. “I care nothing for a dollar when it comes to peoples lives! She is well aware of this! She knows that she cannot ever win with me — that’s why she is silent! Because I am strictly about truth! I play no games nor pull any punches when it comes to the truth! I am ready on any given day. And she could come any way she would ever choose. She will still be at the bottom. This is why she is quiet and refuse to comment or fight me on anything I say! Unless she comes with lies and deceit. That is the only way after I have spoken the truth. But it would never matter because God is on the scene today!…and JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED AT ONCE!”

It remains to be seen what, exactly, that truth is. However, if you connect the dots of these accusations and the family ties — that Whitney and Bobbi were murdered, Leolah’s hatred for Pat, that Pat is married to Whitney’s brother Gary and that Gary is one of only two people Whitney made sure could get their hands on her money if Bobbi died — it’s pretty clear that Leolah is making a heavy-duty implication here.

The Houston family has not commented on Leolah’s Facebook post.

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