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LeBron James is far funnier than Amy Schumer in these outtakes (VIDEO)

Who knew LeBron James was so funny?

While this isn’t the first time the NBA basketball star has appeared on the silver screen, this outtake reel shows he has the comedy chops to hang with the likes of heavy hitters such as Bill Hader and Amy Schumer.

James, who seems charming enough in his sidekick role in the film Trainwreck, doesn’t appear to be making any huge career changes to begin staring in movies, but gives a pretty hilarious and enthusiastic endorsement for the city of Cleveland.

I literally laughed out loud when he said, “Cleveland rocks.” You know you pictured Drew Carey and the rest of the Drew Carey Show crew marching down an Ohio street.

Check out this outtake reel, and we dare you not to laugh out loud at Schumer trying to find the words to describe Hader’s male member.


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