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Game of Thrones fans are very upset over latest news about Jon Snow

HBO just dropped some big news about Game of Thrones, and it’s leaving the show’s hardcore fans pretty upset, to say the least. At the network’s Television Critics Association’s panel this week, HBO exec Michael Lombardo answered two major questions about the beloved series: how long will GoT run and — even more pressing — is Jon Snow really dead?

Let’s get to the almighty Snow situation first. Since his death, there’s been a ton of speculation over whether the favorite character is truly gone for good. Well, sorry to break it to all the Snow survivalists out there, but it looks like the answer is yes. Lombardo basically broke hearts and crushed dreams everywhere when he confirmed that all that wishful thinking for Snow’s return is just that.

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“Dead is dead is dead. He be dead. Yes. Everything I’ve seen, heard and read, he is dead,” he said, per The Wrap. Yikes.

Needless to say, GoT fans are not pleased with the news. In fact, the reaction on Twitter has been intense. Some viewers are sad:

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Some are downright denying it:
But the best reactions? Those who are convinced Lombardo’s statement has zero indication of Snow’s actual fate on the show, and that HBO is just avoiding answering the real question.

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We’ll have to stay tuned to see who’s telling the truth: Lombardo or the Snow death deniers. Either way, it looks like there’ll be lots of time for shocking deaths and conspiracy theories. Lombardo also revealed that GoT will likely run through Season 8 — less than the 10 that he originally said he was aiming for, but more than enough for plenty more action and surprises (and according to many, maybe even the revival of Snow).

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