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Jon Stewart invites his famous comedian BFFs as his final three guests

Brace yourselves, Daily Show fans: Jon Stewart’s exit is about to get way too real.

The final moment of Zen is coming, but before Jon Stewart ends his history-making run as The Daily Show host, three of his comedian pals will stop by to wish him well. At the end of his Thursday, July 30 show, Stewart announced his final three guests would be his close pals Denis Leary, Louis C.K. and Amy Schumer, who Stewart reportedly tried to convince to take over his gig earlier this year. It is fitting that after 16 years of interviewing presidents, celebrities and politicians, Stewart would choose to spend his last Daily Show days laughing it up with his funniest friends.

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News on who all will show up to see Stewart off on his very last day is being kept under wraps. The supersized 50-minute show definitely will not be business as usual. Stewart has carried viewers through national disasters, elections and all manner of craziness. The man deserves a proper goodbye. While I’m sure there will be lots of laughter — Stephen Colbert has to show up, right? — you should prepare for tears too. This is the actual end of an era.

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Comedy Central is well aware of what they are about to lose. In the hours leading up to the final show on Thursday, August 6, Comedy Central will host a marathon of classic Daily Show episodes. Get ready to revisit the craziness of the ’04 election and all the moments that made Stewart such an essential part of the zeitgeist. When these four episodes are up, Stewart’s wry commentary will be done in the privacy of his own home, which does no one any good.

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After Stewart’s reign reaches its conclusion, The Daily Show desk will be occupied by Trevor Noah. Let’s hope the new guy knows what he is getting himself into. Stewart’s shoes may just be too big to fill.

Are you excited to see Stewart choose some of his best buddies as his final three guests?

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