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Caitlyn Jenner opens up about the struggle of feminizing her voice (VIDEO)

Caitlyn Jenner has been on a long and bumpy road of life and just when we thought she was finally finding the person she was always meant to be, rumors are running amok that she’s still not happy. What’s next for Jenner’s transition?

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To a certain extent, Jenner has been pretty lucky with her transition. Millions of transgender individuals are forced to live their lives as a gender they can’t relate to because they don’t have the family and financial support to make a transition. Jenner, however, has both. Sure, she’s had bumpy patches. After decades of living as one of the most important and famous male athletes, coming out about her gender identity was truly hard. During her time married to Kris Jenner, we watched her struggle with depression and refuse to leave the home. We now know that was most likely due to the fact that she just wasn’t happy living as Bruce.

Once she made the decision to change, things have been fairly easy. She did a beautiful interview with Diane Sawyer. Nearly all of her family, including her mother, showed compassion and love for her. Even most of the population of rational Americans applauded her choices and stood by her decision. Now Bruce Jenner is officially and physically Caitlyn Jenner in all but one aspect. According to a new sneak peek from I Am Cait, Caitlyn Jenner’s voice still sounds like Bruce’s voice.

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As the transgender community knows, there are a lot of steps in transitioning from one gender to another. For Caitlyn, it wasn’t just as easy as hiring a hairstylist, buying a new wardrobe and getting gender-changing surgery. She might look gorgeous, but her more masculine voice still reminds her of the man she used to be. Luckily, as other transgender people already know, there is an option. Caitlyn could seek help from a vocal coach that will help her work to feminize her cadence and vocal tones. If that doesn’t give Caitlyn the desired voice, she could even consider surgery. Feminization laryngoplasty reconstructs a patient’s voice box to help it create more feminine sounds. It’s a slightly risky outpatient procedure that is capped off with a mandatory two weeks of silence from the patient.

Caitlyn has quickly become the voice of the transgender community. Can she afford to go two weeks without saying a word?

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