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TLC show Gypsy Sisters allegedly canceled for horrifying reason

Surprise, surprise! Yet another TLC show is embroiled in controversy. Gypsy Sisters just got cut from the network’s lineup. The “official” reason is low ratings, but there’s a bigger story just under the surface.

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When you make billions of dollars in ad money for shows that exploit extremist cultures and beliefs, you’re bound to find yourself in an ever-growing heap of controversy. TLC just can’t seem to learn that lesson. The network makes its money from showcasing lifestyles of families most Americans might not otherwise understand. Whether it’s the drama of having sextuplets, the medical issues involved with dwarfism or what life is like behind the “closed” door of one of America’s biggest families, Americans love to know what’s up with their “neighbors,” and TLC loves to help them out.

The newest show causing TLC tons of trouble is Gypsy Sisters. It’s OK if you have no idea what the show was — most people don’t. If you’ve ever flipped channels and landed on a set of girls speaking a very strange dialect of English, you probably caught a quick glimpse of Gypsy Sisters. The girls first caught TLC’s attention when they starred in My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. The drama and peek inside their culture did so well, TLC pulled in one set of sisters for their own reality show. Gypsy Sisters was born.

And now it’s dead. Which is probably for the best.

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The official reason behind Gypsy Sisters‘ cancellation was poor viewership, which isn’t exactly a lie. Gypsy Sisters has struggled since the beginning. However, new legal and animal cruelty issues at the Gypsy Sisters‘ camp seem like the more likely cause for cancellation.

If you follow all the drama on the stars’ pages and the unofficial gossip page on Facebook, Gypsy Gossip, you’re probably already aware. The story goes that Mellie Stanley (the youngest of the sisters) got into a fight with her lover over his inability to help pay the bills. The fight escalated and their volume amplified and when Stanley’s puppy barked, her boyfriend, Skott Vuncannon, reportedly picked up the dog and threw it against the wall, killing it.

According to Starcasm, Stanley posted the following account on her Facebook page, and then later deleted it:

“Yes Skott got angry and was going off for no damn reason because I asked him to help me pay bills and he needed to step up and be responsible and he threw my dog cause it went to bark at him and tried to bite his leg no one taking up for Skott he’s in trouble for what he done and has been charged with animal cruelty that was my innocent puppy that could have been one of my babies he’s never allowed back around me again I got a fpo and its staying that way,” she apparently wrote.

Yikes! Sounds like this Gypsy sister has had it with her man. We feel terrible about the puppy and hope Vuncannon is punished to the full extent of the law, if he did actually commit the crime. We also hope Mellie can find a way to pay her bills, especially since it appears TLC is no longer employing her.

At least this time, TLC isn’t waiting for the drama to escalate and is cutting ties sooner rather than later.

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