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Hilary Swank spotted getting cozy with a former Bachelorette contestant (PHOTO)

In what has to be the weirdest, most unbelievable celebrity news of the week, it appears that actress Hilary Swank is dating a former contestant on The Bachelorette.

At least that’s what Kasey Stewart wants us to believe. We’re still doubtful.

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Stewart was a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 9, and was one of many men competing for Desiree Hartsock’s heart. He didn’t make it very far, though. Hartsock kicked him to the curb while on a trip to Barcelona in only the sixth episode of the season. And his time on camera was awash with controversy. Many people believed he may have left a girlfriend back at home while he was vying for Hartsock’s attention.

He might not be a total scumbag, though. During his time on the show, WetPaint also reported that he had been previously married to a Christian singer. They’re divorced now, but who knows who’s to blame for the separation?

We don’t want to pass too much judgement on this hunk, though. His Bachelorette bio claimed he was a senior art director, which means he’s talented and creative in his own right. He’s also probably a hard worker and, from his time on TV, we know he can have fun. Why wouldn’t Swank look for those things in a mate, right?

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The real issue comes with the photo. TMZ and the rest of the people in the papz business stalk celebrities like Swank on a minute-to-minute basis. If she were going out with a new guy (especially on her birthday), you’d think they’d have snapped pics of the two supposed lovebirds entering and leaving the restaurant together. We’d at least expect another rumor or two somewhere in the depths of the internet. Instead, we have one picture of Swank and Stewart together, and it’s from Stewart’s own Instagram account. Check it out:

Notice he doesn’t say they’re dating, either. Is it possible that he just happened to be dining at the same restaurant as Swank and asked if he could get in a picture with her? Definitely. We’d be happy for Swank if she found her true love. This one and only picture just seems like not enough evidence for us to officially form an opinion of the pairing. We’re not ready to believe this photo is anything more than a fan asking a star for a favor.

What do you think, though? Tell us below.

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