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Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are basically BFFs now (PHOTOS)

Forget TSwizzle and her gang of badass B’s in the “Bad Blood” music video. Our squad goal is Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. A new peek at their vacation pics tells us everything we need to know.

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Life goal: Become the Third Musketeer in Lawrence and Schumer’s friendship. No, they haven’t paid tribute to their budding friendship by making a music video. They’re slightly more private than that. Instead, they’re vacationing together and, honestly, it’s everything we ever wanted out of our girlfriend group in high school. I mean, who doesn’t want to build a human pyramid? Who doesn’t want to rent a boat and cruise around the Pacific? We already knew both Schumer and Lawrence have funny on lock, but it appears they’ve got a good grasp on what quality girlfriend time looks like, too. Check out a few of the pics Schumer posted on Instagram.

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Sigh. Our only beef? The way everyone else is talking about the pics. Yes, Lawrence has a “flat tummy” and looks good in a bikini. But, they’re completely skipping over Schumer looking absolutely bangin’ in a two-piece, as well. What’s the problem, gossip mags? Still not sure how to talk about anyone who doesn’t wear a size two? Schumer looks enviable in her super cute suit and deserves just as much praise, instead of ignoring her when you reach the more shallow part of your articles.

However, let’s talk about something way cooler: their friendship. It makes perfect sense. Lawrence may play a lot of serious roles, but anyone who has done an interview with her or seen her try to communicate seriously about anything will vouch for her goofy side. She can be voted “sexiest” anything, but at the end of the day, she’s awkward and funny. That’s why everyone loves her, right?

So, it only seems fair then that she’d be attracted to the hottest new gal in Hollywood, Schumer. The comedian clearly knows how to have fun, and she’s just as hysterical (and biting) in interviews. The two talented chicks are full of smarts and confidence, and both are in need of a little friendship from people who understand the plight of living in Hollywood and at the end of a telephoto lens.

Did they just find their soul mates in each other? We hope so. We want way more vacay pics in the future. And maybe even a project costarring the two of them. Is that too much to ask?

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