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Celebrity Wife Swap viewers condemn Sean Lowe for his actions on the show

Ready for a shock?

Apparently not everything you see on reality TV is how it actually plays out. At least, that is what The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe says about the way he was portrayed on Celebrity Wife Swap.

Lowe swapped wives with fellow Bachelor vet Jason Mesnick. The trouble began when Molly (Mesnick’s wife) woke the first day to find a to-do list, which included things such as ironing Lowe’s socks.

Fans immediately responded with their disgust at what appeared to be his demanding and domineering ways.

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There were a few fans who came to the reality TV star’s defense and realized that he might not have been shown in the best light.

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Now we have Lowe’s own response. He thinks, of course, that he was given a bad rap and even warned viewers that it was “just TV.”

He posted a picture of his dog watching herself with the caption, “Yeah… so that whole Wife Swap thing made me look like a complete jackass but I guess that’s the risk you run when you agree to take part in something like that.”

Even Lowe’s wife for a week, Molly, posted a photo with Lowe, gushing about being lifelong friends.

Given Lowe’s laid-back response and this photo, I am inclined to believe that Lowe might be right when he says he was done wrong.

Did you see the episode? Do you think Lowe was rude or just portrayed badly?

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