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Major Game of Thrones prop set to become tourist attraction

Northern Ireland wants The Wall to keep standing tall.

Long after Game of Thrones reveals all of its secrets and the question of whether or not Jon Snow is dead or just temporarily not alive has been answered, The Wall may very well still be standing. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Northern Ireland officials have asked HBO to leave the monument standing as a permanent tourist attraction after the series comes to an end. It’s a fitting locale to keep intact given how long The Wall has defended the world of Westeros.

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In reality, the icy Wall that stands between the free folk and the so-called civilized people of Westeros is an out-of-commission cement works. A little thing like reality cannot take away from the impressive nature of The Wall, though. Even when the show is filming, tourists flock to catch a glimpse of the towering site. If Northern Ireland’s tourist board could actually turn The Wall into an attraction, then they could make some major money while also allowing fans to touch a piece of television history.

“It is a magnificent site and it would be a massive tourist attraction,” parliament member Sammy Wilson told the Belfast Telegraph.

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Once production on Game of Thrones wraps for good (don’t panic, there’s no end date in sight just yet), the plan is to turn the site into a recreation area. Having The Wall stay put in all of its glory would be a major bonus for the tourism board. It’s a lot easier to bring the sense of wonder to life when fans have something tangible to visit.

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Would you make the trek to Northern Ireland in order to stand atop The Wall? It would make it so much easier to channel Tyrion, Jon and Ygritte if the massive Wall (complete with a rickety elevator, hopefully) was accessible to the public. Here’s hoping HBO agrees and lets Northern Ireland make The Wall the ultimate Game of Thrones attraction. Think they can convince HBO to leave behind some White Walkers, too? For authenticity purposes, of course.

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