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PLL brings back major villain: 6 Characters who might be Red Coat

This week’s episode of PLL saw the sinister return of a major villain: Red Coat. Now the question is: Who is underneath the infamous red hood? Here are six possibilities.

As the latest episode revealed, Red Coat is not only back, but she (or maybe he) is working with Charles (talk about bad news for the Liars!). Fans haven’t seen the mysterious figure for over a season and it’s clear that there’s some serious evil in the works here. But although we thought we knew the shadowy villain’s real identity at one point, this week’s episode had us wondering all over again. Here are six possible characters who could be hiding underneath that hood.

1. CeCe Drake

CeCe Drake PLL

In the past, we’ve seen both CeCe and Ali don the infamous coat. Since Ali doesn’t seem to be involved in A’s antics at this point (although, who knows on this show?), that leaves CeCe as a top suspect. There’s certainly plenty of evidence that suggests she could be Red Coat.

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Aside from having worn the coat before, she’s always been a pretty shady figure who knows more than she lets on — including who really killed Bethany Young and all kinds of secrets about the Liars. Plus, we know from flashbacks that she’s made visits to Radley. And the icing on the cake? Her initials are C.D. — just like Charles DiLaurentis. That may seem small, but as fans know, nothing is a coincidence on this show.

2. Melissa Hastings

Melissa Hastings PLL

We haven’t seen much of Melissa lately, but she always seems to be just on the outskirts of the PLL drama — which makes her a good possibility to be Red Coat. Plus, she’s been living with Wren in London for a while now and, as PLL fans know, Wren is one of everyone’s top “A”/Charles suspects. If that’s really the case, it’d only make sense that he has recruited her to the dark side.

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3. Sara Harvey

Sara Harvey PLL

Since her debut on the show, pretty much the entire PLL fan base has agreed that there is more to Sara than meets the eye. While she hasn’t done anything particularly sinister yet, we know from her old friend, Claire, that she used to have a dark side. Plus, she spent years trapped in Charles’ dollhouse. It’s not hard to believe that she may have gotten manipulated into his evil plot at some point or another — either through force, threats or terrible mind games (which we all know he’s good at). Knowing that he has this control over her, it makes sense that he’d let her do his dirty work.

Of all the possibilities, I’d probably bet on Sara being Red Coat. At least, I hope that’s the case! She needs a more interesting storyline ASAP.

4. Mona Vanderwaal

Mona PLL

Mona has definitely turned down the crazy since her return, so it’s not as likely that she’s the one donning the coat. Still, we can’t rule her out completely. After all, she’s brilliant, has a knack for multitasking and has worked for the “A” team before. Plus, she has been acting a little jumpy lately.

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5. Lesli Stone

Lesli PLL

Lesli seems to have sketchy connections to the “A” game and she is very clearly not particularly fond of the Liars. Plus, she’s been missing in the last couple of episodes, even failing to show up to meet Mona and the Liars when she said she would. Supposedly, she didn’t want to get involved in their drama again, but maybe she was just too busy with all of her evil plans?

6. Clark

Clark PLL

OK, Red Coat is widely considered to be a female, so this is unlikely. Still, you never know anything for sure on this show and Aria’s new photography friend, Clark, has been super sketchy since the beginning. Remember how he always insisted on taking photos of her? And how he was being super weird at the art show? Plus, he got caught meeting up with Rhys Matthews (the Jason DiLaurentis look-alike who appeared on the last episode) in an old doll manufacturing company, of all places. Clearly, something’s going on with him — and it’s not good.

Images: ABC Family

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