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The Mindy Project debuts the show’s first-ever baby bump (PHOTO)

Is there anything Mindy Kaling loves more than teasing fans? She’s at it again with a new behind-the-scenes shot from the next season of The Mindy Project. And oh my God, it’s so good!

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Guys, Mindy Lahiri is definitely still pregnant in the next season of The Mindy Project, and the proof is in this glorious subway pic.

When we last saw Mindy, everything was up in the air. Her relationship with Danny felt rocky from one viewpoint and rock-solid from another. Her new fertility practice was struggling. And her parents? Well, they were about to meet the man of her dreams and the father of her unborn child. How would it all go down? For a split second, we weren’t sure we’d ever find out. After three lackluster seasons on Fox, the network sadly and finally decided to cut the cord and set it free. The Mindy Project fans were devastated, but not for long. Soon after the announcement was made, Kaling posted a video on Instagram of her cheeky smirk and a wink. We immediately knew we’d see more of our girl Mindy and sure enough, we did.

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Hulu quickly nabbed the rights to The Mindy Project and began production just a couple quick months later. From guest stars to plot points, news is slowly surfacing. With each new fact, we squeal a little louder, but nothing could prepare us for the most adorable behind-the-scenes photo yet. Just… just… just look!

It’s Mindy, y’all! And she’s pregnant! And her maternity fashion? Yes, of course. It’s on fleek! Kaling gave major props to The Mindy Project‘s costume designer, Salvador Perez, and we can see why. Kaling is a vision in orange. No matter how big that bump gets, it looks like Perez will keep her utterly fashionable and flawless.

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