Christine Ouzounian is all smiles as Ben Affleck cheating rumors heat up

Ben Affleck’s alleged mistress Christine Ouzounian was spotted in Los Angeles for the first time since the cheating rumors broke, and she didn’t look displeased by the attention at all.

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Sporting jeans and a white top that showed off her cute figure, Ouzounian was all smiles as she headed out on Wednesday.

While Affleck has vehemently denied that anything romantic happened with Ouzounian, who began working as a nanny for Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s three children this past spring, the nanny is reportedly in love with the actor.

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Multiple sources are confirming to People that she is head over heels for the Batman actor and that their relationship did indeed get intimate.

Thanks to these recent photos from the Daily Mail, which show Ouzounian accompanied by a woman holding clothes, rumors that she’s hired an assistant now that her reported relationship is public are also floating around the web.

We say take that one with a huge amount of skepticism, since Ouzounian could have just been out with a friend who could have had multiple reasons for carrying clothes.

Plus, does a nanny really make enough to hire an assistant? We’re going to go ahead and say no — not unless Affleck was fronting the bill.

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Meanwhile, Affleck and Garner have been putting on a united front throughout their divorce for the sake of their children. The couple even went on a vacation together with their kids after the news first hit the internet. And now they’re apparently still living together, renting the same house until their Brentwood house remodel is complete.

Is Ben Affleck starting to sound more and more like his Gone Girl character Nick Dunne to anyone else? If these rumors are true, Affleck had better hope that Garner isn’t an Amy.

Do you think the Ben Affleck cheating rumors are true?

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