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Full House Lifetime film claims John Stamos hated the Olsen twins (VIDEOS)

Lifetime’s first clip from its Full House movie is a doozy of epic proportions. Always ones to stir up shit, the new clip features one seriously miffed Uncle Jesse (John Stamos).

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We’ve known for a while now that behind-the-scenes at Full House, the vibe wasn’t quite as wholesome as the actual show. After all, Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) is one seriously raunchy (and hilarious) comedian. Anytime you put three grown men in a room together, it’s bound to get real dirty, real fast.

In the clip, though, things on the set take a different kind of dirty turn when one of the toddling Olsen twins needs her diaper changed mid-shoot. Unsurprisingly, Stamos is (supposedly) just as clueless about babies as Uncle Jesse originally was and asks the show’s director if they can replace the babies with ones who are more comfortable in the spotlight. Because, you know, somewhere out there is a 10-month-old who’s been in the biz so long that she’s ready to retire, right? Of course, the director scoffs at his request.

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Of course, the shining moment of the clip actually comes from the actor playing Saget, who makes a joke about strippers. Bored with everything happening on the set, Saget suggests they hire a bunch of strippers and install a pole in the middle of the set. The actress playing Jody Sweetin pokes her nose in, asking what a stripper is, and Saget offers a delightful response. And, of course, he’s immediately yelled at.

Let’s be real, it’s probably not the cattiest moment behind a television show… not even Full House. But, it is disconcerting. Productions just began on the Netflix spin-off, Fuller House, and so many of the original cast members are set to appear. Will Lifetime stir up trouble and bring out egos on the new set? Or will these veteran actors be able to realize Lifetime’s trumped-up exposé for exactly what it is? Fingers crossed they don’t ruin our chances of many, many more seasons with the Tanners.

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