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Jane the Virgin scoop: Surprise! Jane’s getting married in Season 2

Um, we can’t say we saw this coming so quickly.

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But if there is one thing we learned about Jane the Virgin during its first season, it’s that the show’s capacity to surprise its audience knows no bounds. And it seems Season 2 will be no different.

Jane the Virgin‘s executive producer, Jennie Urman, recently spilled some super-spoilery details to TV Guide about what we can expect during the show’s upcoming season, and we are pretty giddy with excitement over what she had to say.

It seems the love triangle between Jane, Rafael and Michael might see a bit of a resolution given Jane will be marrying one of her two loves in Season 2. Although, given the show will hopefully run for some time to come, it seems fair to suggest that a wedding won’t necessarily mean that the triangle is dispensed with for good. But, for now, Urman says Jane will make a choice and stick to it.

“Jane will make a choice with one of the guys, eventually, and we will have a wedding at some point in the season,” Urman said. We can also confirm that we are currently dying to know who Jane chooses.

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Oh, but there’s more. If you thought this would be the only wedding taking place this season, you were wrong, because there will be two! Say whaaaaa?

“By the fifth episode there’s an unexpected marriage of two characters, and that’s going to be the first [wedding],” Urman revealed. “And of course our weddings [will have] big, fun, whimsical set pieces.”

Given Rogelio and Xo are already married, we are scratching our heads at who this second betrothed couple could be. Could it be Luisa and her wrestler girlfriend? Or perhaps Alba and the priest? There are obviously some major hurdles to the latter option, but we’re not willing to rule anything out given this show’s ability to take far-fetched plot points and make them honest and believable — you know, like the whole pregnant virgin thing. We were skeptical at first, and now we’re totally into it, so who’s to say Alba and the priest getting married couldn’t be the unbelievable plot point making the transition to believable this season?

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One thing is for sure: The Season 2 premiere on Oct. 19 can’t come soon enough!

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