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Miranda Lambert’s performance post-divorce will break your heart (VIDEO)

Perched on a wooden chair with a black guitar on her lap, Miranda Lambert’s sorrow can be seen all over her face.

There is pain in her voice. Sure, she is smiling and smirking, but once she begins picking those strings and closes her eyes, you can see almost see the internal dialogue running like a ticker tape over her head. The turmoil of the last month of her life played out on the public stage for all to see, but she puts on a happy face, keeps her friends close and plays sad songs to make it through.

In the video you can hear her say, “Well, I’ve been living off of caffeine and sad songs lately,” while raising her glass of liquid rocket fuel. “So, we’re gonna drink some caffeine and sing sad songs.” She is, of course, referencing her recent divorce from fellow country music star Blake Shelton.

And with another strum of her guitar she begins to play “Dear Diamond.”

With a visible deep sigh she begins the slow ballad.

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“You cost more than he wanted to lose / And with this ring I said I do / I promise I’d never do what I’ve done / I’ve lied to someone.”

The “Kerosene” hit maker is taking solace in her music following her heartbreaking split from Shelton. According to USA Today, she said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve played like this, but I get to be up here with some of my best pals I write with all the time.” Of being back in the studio, she said, “Actually, in the last two weeks, I’ve written with everybody up here.”

In addition to caffeine and sad songs, Lambert is keeping her girlfriends close at hand during her trying time.

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On Wednesday morning, she posted this photo of herself and a friend enjoying some morning joe and captioned it, “Thank you Jesus for girlfriends and coffee. Oh and concealer! #wewokeuplikethis.”

Along with the recent twitter banter with Shelton, Lambert is getting back to performing and writing as well as hanging out with some good friends, and it looks like she’s eventually going to be just fine.

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