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Christine Ouzounian: 6 Things about Ben Affleck’s nanny no one is saying

While we’re still simply trying to digest the divorce of one of our favorite Hollywood couples, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, news of Affleck’s alleged tryst with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian, is now trending.

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And while there has been plenty of focus on the who, what, when, where and how of their supposed affair, there are a few important facts many other sites are overlooking about Ouzounian. So before everyone jumps on the villainizing bandwagon, here are a few things to know about her.

Image: MySpace/ChristineOuzounian

1. Ben Affleck calls the allegations of the affair “garbage”

Despite the swiftness and perceived authority with which the news of Affleck’s “affair” with his ex-nanny traveled, the multiple sources quoted in Us Weekly clearly weren’t from the Oscar winner’s camp. “The story is complete garbage and full of lies,” a rep for Affleck says.

In fact, Affleck finds the report so dishonest and potentially damaging that he is considering suing the publication. “It’s shameful,” says his rep. “We are considering legal options.”

2. Ouzounian appears to love her job, and she must be pretty good at it

Watching Affleck and then-wife Garner’s three kids wasn’t the first high-profile nanny gig for Ouzounian, who was hired by the former couple in the spring straight out of a high-end Beverly Hills nanny agency. According to her now defunct LinkedIn profile, the California native had served as a nanny for Neil Patrick Harris prior to landing the job with the Affleck fam.

Ben Affleck affair with nanny

Image: Pinterest/ChristineOuzounian

I can’t imagine such high-profile jobs are handed out to anyone but top-tier caregivers. A glance at Ouzounian’s Pinterest page — with an entire board devoted to “Nanny Fun” — seems to confirm the passion she has for working with children.

3. She isn’t just a “sorority girl”

In so many of the reports circulating online right now, Ouzounian is being referred to dismissively as a “sorority girl.” And, yes, all signs indicate she was a member of a sorority at Arizona State University. But c’mon, there’s obviously more to the 28-year-old (who was a “sorority girl,” like, a decade ago).

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Christine Ouzounian

Image: MySpace/ChristineOuzounian

For starters, she graduated from ASU with a degree in communications. She clearly didn’t plan to live out rush week for life — she had other interests. Prior to becoming a nanny, Ouzounian held jobs as a teacher, concierge, salesperson and more.

4. In fact, her time at ASU was motivated by more than Greek life

Ouzounian’s tie to Arizona State University looks to hold a special significance. Her mother was a graduate of the college; so was her father. Could ASU be the alma mater at which her parents met and fell in love? Possibly. Either way, attending the school looks to be a family tradition.

5. She’s a lot like your typical 28-year-old

Many young women spend their 20s dipping their toes in various endeavors to try to find the job that could be their true calling. Being a nanny might be that vocation for Ouzounian, or she might still be searching for it.

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See also: Pictures and comments on social media show a bubbly girl, posing with friends and chatting about her favorite bars in the LA area. So remember, she’s a real person — and likely pretty similar to a lot of real people in your own life.

Image: Pinterest

6. Everything is speculative, since we haven’t yet heard from Ouzounian

The bottom line is everything is speculative (including some of what we’re positing here) until we hear it straight from the source, which isn’t the ever-mysterious “multiple sources” being quoted in countless reports of the alleged affair. And, really, that may never happen.

Ouzounian has already essentially been forced into social media exile over this — that’s a lot for anyone to handle, much less a woman who could very well only be guilty of being employed by a celebrity in the middle of a divorce scandal.

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