Both of Leah Messer's exes are reportedly over her drama and Teen Mom 2

Jul 29, 2015 at 12:23 p.m. ET
Image: MTV

Leah Messer's exes reportedly want to get away from her so badly, they're willing to opt out of Teen Mom 2 and any money the show may bring.

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According to Life & Style magazine, Messer's ex, Corey Simms, has already quit the show, and her other ex, Jeremy Calvert, isn't that far behind. Both men are said to be sick of all the drama Messer brings to their lives.

Unfortunately for the two guys, there's no getting rid of Messer from their lives entirely, since each man shares kids with the reality star. Messer has two twin daughters with Simms, Aliannah and Aleeah, and a daughter, Adalynn, with Calvert.

Messer is also reportedly moving on from the men. Life & Style reports she's already moved in with her new boyfriend, T.R. Dues.

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Simms and Messer were most recently in a custody dispute, which ended with Simms ordering Messer to get a drug test. She passed with flying colors.

Simms has also been very vocal about his opinion that Messer is an unfit mother. "It feels like we both have little chips on our shoulders, and we can't stand each other; because that's how I feel, I'm sure that you feel the same."

Ultimately, though, Simms said he just wants to do what is best for his twin daughters.

But all the custody stress and public criticism saw Messer head back to rehab for a chance to regroup after dealing with depression.

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She also took a 70-week hiatus from Instagram, which was probably an attempt to escape all of the online hate.

But now the teen mom is back and looking great, so is all the ex hate unfounded at this point? Or do the guys still have good reason to want away from Messer?