Reporters call out Cara Delevingne for having a bad attitude on live TV (VIDEO)

Jul 29, 2015 at 12:32 a.m. ET
Image: Oscar Gonzalez/

Cara Delevingne signed on for a painfully cringeworthy satellite interview with a trio of TV news anchors on Good Day Sacramento.

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Sure, Cara's busy and probably a little tired. Sure, we all get cranky once in a while. And sure, the questions the anchors were asking were really patronizing.

Despite all that, Cara, who was letting a seriously snotty attitude fly at every turn, deserved the verbal smackdown she ultimately got.

The Paper Towns star seemed irritated from the get-go, rolling her eyes. After the first question — whether she read the John Green novel on which her new movie is based — she answered with an unapologetically sarcastic, "Uh, no. I never read the book or the script. I kind of winged it."

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After another hearty eye roll, she continued, "No, of course, [I did.] John Green is an incredible author, so really if you haven't read his books, you should."

As the interview continues, she seems to get even more irritated, continuing to roll her eyes and answer questions sarcastically, until one of the anchors, referring to an interview he did with her several weeks prior, asks Cara why she's so cranky.

"You seemed a lot more excited about [the movie] than you do right now. Are you just exhausted?"

Her response?

"No, (eye roll) I mean (eye roll), I'm still very excited. The premiere was last night and it felt like the end of an era, but I'm not any less excited than I was a couple of weeks ago (eye roll). Maybe I had a bit more energy (eye roll). It's the morning (eye roll)."

One of the anchors then calls her out.

"You seem a bit irritated, perhaps it’s just us?" she asks, to which Cara replies, "I think it's just you."

And finally, the anchor tells Cara: "We'll let you go then, how about that? We'll let you go and take a nap and maybe have a Red Bull."

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Do you think Cara Delevingne was out of line during her interview? Or were the anchors being rude? Check it out in the clip above and then head to the comments and share your thoughts.