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Bill Cosby’s first accuser is fighting back against his latest innocence claims

A lawyer for Andrea Constand, the first woman to publicly accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault in 2005, has filed a new motion disputing claims Cosby has made recently to support his innocence.

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In the new filing, attorney Dolores Troiani calls Cosby a “narcissist” and calls him out for not realizing Constand, who was in a relationship with a woman at the time of the alleged assault, was gay.

“As defendant admits in his deposition, despite his talent for interpreting female reactions to him, he did not realize plaintiff was gay until the police told him,” Troiani wrote.

“In his narcissistic view of the world, defendant believes that plaintiff’s every Tweet must be about him,” she continued, addressing claims from Cosby’s camp that Constand has violated a confidentiality agreement that was part of the 2006 settlement of her civil suit against Cosby. “He is as perceptive in this belief as he claims to be in his interpretation of non-verbal cues from women he wants to seduce.”

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Constand, a former Temple University employee, told police in 2005 that Cosby had drugged her and forced her to touch him. The county’s district attorney declined to file charges against Cosby, leading Constand to file a civil suit, which was settled in late 2006.

Earlier this month, reporters released information from the deposition Cosby gave during that lawsuit, in which he claimed he could read “people and their emotions,” saying that’s how he knew Constand consented to the sexual activity.

“I walk her out. She does not look angry,” he said in the deposition. “She does not say to me, ‘Don’t ever do that again.’ She doesn’t walk out with an attitude of a huff — because I think that I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them.”

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