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Bachelor in Paradise contestants reveal juicy love triangles ahead

Bachelor in Paradise superlatives offer up major scoop on who is heading for a love triangle, which cast member is the queen of troublemaking and much more.

Those who weren’t lucky in love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are once again being whisked away to Bachelor in Paradise on Sunday, Aug. 2 at 8/7c on ABC. While anything can and will happen on Bachelor in Paradise, a new sneak peek video from People gives us a good idea about what is ahead. In the video, the island’s 16 contestants were asked to bestow superlatives on one another from “sexiest” to “most likely to start a fight.” The answers were telling as they revealed crushes, potential love triangles and sorted the friends from the frenemies.

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The love triangle: The “who has the hottest body?” and “who is the sexiest?” questions made it abundantly clear that Ashley Iaconetti is crushing hard on Jared. Add in the fact that she named herself most possessive and Jared had better hope Cupid starts pointing him in Ashley I.’s direction. At the moment, Jared is far more interested in Jade, though.

While Jade named Dan the best body, she also quickly agreed with Ashley I. that she was the most possessive, and she also said Ashley I. was the most likely to cry. It sounds like Jade and Ashley I. will be interacting with each other a good bit and there could even be a complicated love triangle forming between Ashley, Jared and Jade.

Everyone loves Jade: Who’s ruling Paradise? Clearly the answer is Jade. Not only was she dubbed sexiest by members of both sexes, she also grabbed the title of most flirtatious. Jade avoided being singled out in any of the negative categories and has confidence to spare.

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The overall sexiest: Dan had better get ready for some speed dating because most of the ladies dubbed him hottest body and sexiest. While he is getting the lion’s share of the attention from the ladies, he proved himself to be a diplomat by declaring everyone on the island is sexy. The Casanova shtick will only get him so far, though; eventually he’s going to have to break some hearts.

The troublemakers: A reality show isn’t a reality show unless there are some brawlers in the mix. On the men’s side, Kirk named Mikey the guy most likely to start argument. No one else called Mikey out for being anything other than flirtatious, though, so maybe there’s a beef between Ken and Mikey.

The ladies were pretty much unanimous in naming the woman most likely to start a fight — and that woman is Clare. Three women talked up Clare’s volatile nature. If you are looking for fireworks, it looks like Clare is the one to watch.

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Check out the video below to hear all of the superlatives.

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