Fans attack Farrah Abraham for reading inappropriate book to her daughter (PHOTO)

Jul 28, 2015 at 6:24 p.m. ET
Image: Joel Ginsburg/WENN

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to social media controversy, but her latest post shows she hasn't really learned from past mistakes.

The Teen Mom star recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter reading a book to her adorable daughter, Sophia, as the two are cuddled up on the couch together. Sounds innocent enough, right?

While the scene set is one of a mother spending some quality time with her child, the trouble comes with the book that Abraham selected to read to Sophia. The two are turning the pages of My Beautiful Mommy, a book about plastic surgery written for children by Abraham's own doctor, Michael Alexander Salzhauer.


(Side note: We're a little confused about Abraham's use of the word "late," which in this context we would take to mean that Dr. Salzhauer is deceased. After some internet sleuthing, it appears that the good doctor is, in fact, alive.)

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According to the book's profile on Amazon, Salzhauer seeks to provide advice to families in which one or more of the parents are going through the plastic surgery process. "Through vivid illustrations and straightforward dialogue, My Beautiful Mommy explains a parent's physical transformation in a breezy, child-friendly manner from a young child's perspective," the description reads.

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Teen Mom fans were not amused by Abraham's literary choice.


While we applaud Abraham for realizing the importance of reading to her daughter, exposing a child to plastic surgery at such a young age and normalizing the act might make Sophia feel that she is expected to alter her body when she's older, or worse, feel that she doesn't meet societal expectations if she doesn't go under the knife. It's especially troubling since Abraham has already expressed that Sophia has experienced low self-esteem pertaining to her looks.

What do you think about Abraham's book choice?