Beauty and the Beast spoilers: Cat and Vincent's wedding won't end well

Jul 28, 2015 at 1:12 p.m. ET
Image: The CW

Beauty and the Beast is prepping for a big wedding, but that doesn't mean Catherine and Vincent will live happily ever after.

Wedding bells are ringing for Vincent and Catherine on Beauty and the Beast this Thursday, July 30. The star-crossed lovers almost got hitched in the previous episode, but their friends knew an elopement wouldn't do (clearly, they are the voice of the fans). This time, Vincent and Catherine are doing their wedding up right, with a tux for Vincent and a stunning, romantic gown for Catherine — check out the gorgeous couple at E! Online — but making it down the aisle is going to be as tough as you imagined for this duo.

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For one thing, the bride is distracted by the increase in human experimentation that has her precinct on high alert. Catherine's preoccupation will lead her future husband and J.T. and Tess to all pitch in to keep her focused on the nuptials. There's also the worrying episode title. "Shotgun Wedding" would mean Catherine was pregnant on any other show, but on Beauty and the Beast it is just as likely to mean someone will show up with an actual shotgun.

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After three seasons, the fans deserve to see Catherine and Vincent finally make their courtship official. No matter what kind of mayhem goes down, those two crazy kids had better say "I do." After last week's teasing, no one wants to wait any longer to see them seal the deal. The threat of the wedding being postponed is very real, though. On the plus side, you will definitely get to see Catherine and Vincent in their finest wedding attire. The CW even released an invite for the big day. Check it out below.


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Aren't they beautiful together? Now let's hope the military, mutants and experimentations will give them a day off. Their vows need to be read. How else do they expect fans to get their swoon on?