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Duggars’ new family portrait is causing a ton of backlash, thanks to Josh (PHOTO)

The Duggar family’s show might have been canceled, but the family is still enjoying some time in the spotlight, thanks to their social media accounts.

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On Monday evening, the Duggar clan posted a picture of the family to their official Instagram page, and with more than 51,000 likes and 700-plus comments, it’s clear they do still have some fans in the world. But not everyone is a Duggar fan. In fact, there are a lot of people who are unimpressed that Josh Duggar is featured in the picture.

Earlier this year, the news of Josh’s molestation scandal broke, and since then, both he and his family have been facing a lot of negative backlash. In the image, Josh can be seen in the middle, with no one in front of him — something that critics have taken note of.

“This picture looks so awkward! No one wants to stand in front of Josh, & it’s like Joy is protecting the little girls in front of her. I loved the show because they were so sweet to each other but I just can’t look at them the same. And someone said ‘he was just a child’ or something, but an 8th grader mollesting [sic] a kindergardner [sic] … that’s not innocent kid mistakes, it’s a predator,” one person wrote.

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Other comments about the picture include, “Janna [sic] please find your own life!!!! Jess’s [sic] pull away now while you can and never let Josh be around your child” and “Love the Duggars! But in no way shape or form am I okay with what he did.”

Other fans are wondering how Ben Seewald and Derick Dillard feel about Josh, knowing that two of his victims were their wives, Jessa and Jill.

“Noticing both Josh & Ben in the picture and wondering how Ben (& Derick) feel about Josh? Did they know what happened to their wives prior to marrying them? No judgment in asking just genuinely curious.”

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The Duggars were no doubt just wanting to share a picture of their family outing to High Rise Sports, but with the backlash that follows every time they make a post, it’s a wonder why they share their lives with the public at all.

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