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Kim Kardashian’s baby bump causes surprise amongst fans (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her and husband Kanye West’s second child, and during the early hours of Tuesday morning, she decided to share a picture of her growing baby bump with the world.

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The reality TV star looks great as she posed for a selfie while wearing a fitted white bodycon dress and camel coat. She simply captioned the shot, “Good night baby.” However, not everyone thinks Kardashian looks as great as we think she does, and there have been some nasty comments on the picture.

Comments include, “I hate you,” “for some reason Kim always get hugeeeee” and “Damn she’s gonna get huge again.”

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Fans have also called her out for being vain, with one comment reading, “@KimKardashian this has nothing to do with baby. It’s about look at me! Tell me how beautiftul [sic] I am. While I make stupid duck lips.”

Fans are also really surprised by how heavily pregnant Kardashian looks because not long ago her baby bump was barely visible.

“Wtf!!! It was barely showing a week ago!” one fan wrote. Others agreed, writing “@KimKardashian strange how you now look 9 months pregnant and last week you didn’t even look pregnant. Weird!,” “when did she get so pregnant…” and “her belly grew over night [sic].”

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Kardashian previously revealed she and the “Only One” hit maker are expecting a baby boy this time around, but his name will not be South West, as much as the internet would love that.

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