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Taylor Swift disappoints fans with another ‘childish’ Katy Perry dig (VIDEO)

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift fans alike were up in arms early this week because of the appearance of a certain sharp-toothed creature with fins at Swift’s show over the weekend.

It all started when a Swift fan posted a video of the 2015 Super Bowl Left Shark popping up behind Swift during her performance of “Bad Blood,” the song that was infamously written about the feud between Swift and Perry, who allegedly stole backup dancers from the 1989 singer.

Fans from both camps were quick to label the shark’s appearance as childish and immature.

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Though we can understand the disappointment because, let’s face it, it’s kind of time for this beef to blow over, Swift supporters who were actually at the concert say the Left Shark cameo was not Swift throwing shade at Perry, but instead backup dancers pranking Swift while she was performing onstage. The fan posted another video of Swift during the same performance, during which a part of TSwift’s crew playfully teases her with a lobster.

Swift’s dancer, Christian Henderson, added credence to the claims when he posted a photo of himself with the lobster in question to Instagram on the same day the Left Shark and lobster stage videos were taken.
There you go, people! Feud rumors squashed.

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However, if people on tour with Swift are using the Perry-inspired props to get a rise out of Swift while she’s entertaining a crowd, then we could also jump to the conclusion that the Swift/Perry squabble is still very much a topic of discussion behind the scenes on the 1989 tour. That fact, coupled with Perry’s Twitter burn on Swift last week, gives us reason to believe that “Bad Blood” is most likely still there.

It’s just a little fishy, don’t you think?

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