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Nick Gordon learned about Bobbi Kristina’s death in a devastating way

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family is making it clear that they want nothing to do with Nick Gordon.

After six months in a coma, Bobby Kristina Brown died on Sunday, July 26.

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And, according to Us Weekly, her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, found out just like most of the world: online. A source for the outlet reported that at the time of Brown’s death, Gordon was in Florida with his mom.

As the investigation into Brown’s death continues, the family has reportedly completely shut out Gordon as the mysterious circumstances around her death heat up.

Gordon is, reportedly, not welcome at the funeral service or any of the Houston/Brown gatherings to remember Brown.

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Gordon’s stepfather, Jack Walker Jr., told Access Hollywood that Gordon is “distraught” over the death. “I can’t put it into words right now,” he explained. He also noted that Gordon is not suicidal, despite reports to the contrary.

Gordon is the one who found Brown lying facedown in the bathtub on Jan. 31 at her Georgia home.

But it is his treatment of Brown prior to her death that has been called into question after he was served papers earlier this month in a lawsuit. Brown’s conservator, Bedelia Hargrove, filed the suit, which claims that “Gordon dragged Bobbi Kristina by her hair upstairs, took funds out of her account without her authorization, and knocked her teeth out just hours before she was discovered,” according to Us Weekly.

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The case is further complicated by the fact that Gordon was served the papers on a Sunday, which is illegal in Florida. He was advised by his lawyer not to open the document.

Do you think the Houston/Brown family is right to cut ties with Gordon?

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