The Duggars' Ben Seewald wears controversial anti-abortion shirt (PHOTO)

Jul 27, 2015 at 12:35 p.m. ET

Just because 19 Kids and Counting has been canceled doesn't mean the Duggars have lost their voice or their power to stir up some very real controversy.

Jessa Duggar posted a seemingly innocent photo of her #ManCrushMonday this morning. In the image, her husband Ben Seewald is holding up the sign language symbol for "I love you," but it isn't his smile that has us balking.

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Seewald is wearing a shirt that reads, "Survived Roe vs. Wade, Roe vs. Wade will not survive me."


In case you need a refresher, Roe vs. Wade was the 1973 landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion, which disallowed many state and federal laws against abortion, and also set standards on a woman's right to privacy. The case decided that people have the right to abortions until viability, which was defined as the baby's potential to live outside the womb.

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No one is really surprised that the Duggars are anti-abortion given their staunchly held evangelical beliefs, but in the midst of all the other scandals the family is dealing with, they should hardly be looking to add more controversy to their plate.

"This threat [sic] is full of lies. The vast majority of women who terminate a pregnancy are content that they did and stand by their decision," one commenter said against the supporters. "For our society to function, we need less mothers dying giving birth, less unwanted, uncared for children, less children in foster care, more availability to contraception, realistic and early sexual education and access to early, safe, termination procedures. xx"

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Another added, "How dare you criticize any woman for making a wrenching decision for herself and/or her family? That is why those are personal decisions left to the people who need to make them as well as live with those decisions."

Of course, Jessa Duggar's post was meant to celebrate the love she and her husband share, not stir up abortion controversy. But with a shirt like that, it's hard not to take note.

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